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Things you shouldn’t do when using the interlock device

If you have recently had an interlock device installed on your car, you may still have a lot of questions about what it does and how it should be used.

You’ll get a lot of information when you have the device installed, but you won’t necessarily receive all the details you need when it comes to the things you shouldn’t do.

There are many ways to misuse the system or to violate the intent of the court order both intentionally and unintentionally.

Call to get more information about ignition interlock devices and review the information below to find out what you shouldn’t do when using it.


Mistake One: Use the Device when You Know You’ll Fail

The ignition interlock device is designed to prevent you from using your vehicle when you’ve been drinking, but that doesn’t mean that it should be your first defense against drunk driving. The device doesn’t just stop you from driving, it also collects and delivers data that may be reviewed by the courts.

If you’re attempting to start the car and failing the test because you’ve been drinking, it could suggest to the court that the only thing stopping you from a DUI is the device. Suffice to say, that’s not a good message to send to a judge.

If you’ve been drinking and you’re concerned that you may fail the test, just wait a few hours to drive or have a friend pick you up instead. These are both safe options that reflect good judgment.


Mistake Two: Try to Game the System

Most ignition interlock devices have specific instructions for use. You may have to breathe in a certain way, you may have to use the device for a set number of seconds or fulfill other requirements.

You may be tempted to do whatever you can to make the results of each test as favorable as possible by figuring out tricks around the intended function, but this is always a mistake.

as inconvenient as an interlock device is, it there for your protection. The law is closer than it’s ever been to recognizing that alcoholism is a disease. You may make a mistake sometimes, and the device is there to make sure that your mistake doesn’t personally endanger others or yourself.


Mistake Three: Have another Person take the Test for You

Never have another person attempt to operate the device for you by blowing into the device and then switching to a passenger seat while you drive.

First, it is entirely illegal. It is a flagrant violation of both the letter and intent of the court order. If you are pulled over and it’s apparent that you are in a state where your device should not have started the car, the device will be investigated. If it turns out you asked another person to take the test, you are likely to lose your license immediately and not have it restored for years.

Second, not all devices will even fall for a trick like this. Some track enough data to be aware of whether the intended person is using it. If you try to trick a modern ignition interlock device, you may both be unable to start the car AND lose your license because you tried to manipulate the test.

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