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We'll get you back on the road
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Alco Alert Ignition interlock in Santa Maria

General Information

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1108 N Broadway
Santa Maria CA 93454

(805) 667-0745

Opening times
BAR License - 00265930
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About This Location

Alco Alert Interlock Inc. operates at 1108 N Broadway, Santa Maria, CA 93454. The technicians install ignition interlock devices for the residents of Santa Maria.

Why Order an Ignition Interlock in Santa Maria

Do you ever worry that you or someone in your family will drive your car under the influence of alcohol? If you order an ignition interlock device in Santa Maria for your vehicle, you won't have to worry again. In fact, you might even be able to sleep better at night knowing that your car is safe. If you have the ignition interlock in Santa Maria, you or any person wanting to drive your car will need to first take a breath test to check for alcohol. It's a simple test and it only takes a minute or two to run the test. All you need to do is take a quick puff into the tube attached to the interlock device in Santa Maria. The device will run through the chemistry of the breath sample and return a result. If there isn't any alcohol evident in the breath then there's no problem with starting your car and driving away.

What if the Court Orders Your Ignition Interlock Device in Santa Maria

It's not unusual for the court to order someone who has been caught driving under the influence of alcohol to install an ignition interlock in Santa Maria. It's for the protection of everyone, including the driver, the passengers in the car, pedestrians on the street and other drivers of cars on the road. You don't want to put your life at risk or anyone else's right? That's why the court will take the first step and order the ignition interlock in Santa Maria. If you were already caught for driving under the influence, or someone you loaned your car to, it's more than likely that along with a jail term and a hefty fine, they lost their driver's license. That's another reason that it could benefit you to get the interlock device on your own. It can be very helpful to show the court the documents regarding the installation of the interlock device in Santa Maria. It is one piece of proof that you can use to convince the court that you take DUI seriously and have taken measures to ensure it won't happen again.

Order Your Interlock Device Today

Go ahead and order your interlock device in Santa today so that you can sleep better tonight! We will send an experienced team of installation pros to install it for you, and you will be sure that no one driving your car will be DUI! Call (805) 667-0745

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