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We'll get you back on the road
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Alco Alert Ignition Interlock in San Pedro

General Information

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1204 N Gaffey St Ste C1
San Pedro CA 90731

(310) 853-8837

Opening times
BAR License - 00268920
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About This Location

Alco Alert Interlock Inc. operates at 1204 N Gaffey St Ste C1, San Pedro, CA 90731. The technicians install ignition interlock devices for the residents of San Pedro.

How an Interlock Device in San Pedro Saves Heartache

When drivers who have been drinking get behind the wheel of a car and hit the roads of San Pedro, anything can happen. They can get caught by the police or they can cause an accident that ends in tragedy. But why let that happen if there's something you can do about it? If it's your car, then you can take the first step by ordering an ignition interlock device in San Pedro. The device will protect your car, the driver, the passengers and others on the road from reckless driving cause by someone intoxicated. Don't wait until a tragedy occurs to install the ignition interlock in San Pedro. You can order yours today and have it professionally installed and monitored.

Court Ordered Ignition Interlock Device in San Pedro

If you don't have an interlock device in San Pedro in your car and your teenage child drives it, it can be dangerous. Teenagers like to party or fall into peer pressure without realizing the dangers. Let's face it - teenage drivers can feel pretty competent behind the wheel of your car. And they don't want the embarrassment of leaving the car behind and calling a taxi. Rather, they would want to show their friends what a great driver they are even under the influence. If caught by the police, there's a good chance they'll lose their license, get hit with a stiff fine and do some jail time. And as the parent, you're the one that will get that call from police headquarters in the middle of the night.

Protect Yourself and Others

When you order an ignition interlock in San Pedro, a team will come out to install it. Then, when you or anyone else tries to turn the key on your engine, it won't start until after a breath test has been completed. It only takes a minute to blow into the tube of the ignition interlock device in San Pedro. Of course if the driver passes that test, the engine will start up right away. However, there will be random checks throughout the drive. The driver will get a warning to pull over and take another test. Again, if there is no alcohol involved, the driver can keep on going. Keep you and your loved ones safe!

Don't wait until tragedy strikes - order your ignition interlock in San Pedro today!

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