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Alco Alert Ignition Interlock in San Jose

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521 Charcot Ave. Ste 111-D
San Jose CA 95131

(669) 238-3644

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BAR License - 91517 - This location has been closed. It does not install Alco Alert Interlock devices
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Joel Guzman
Joel Guzman
00:02 30 Mar 18
Great staff and reasonable prices! I was hesitant at first, but then realized this is a great idea to save you from financial problems and keep people safe on the road. Highly recommend it.
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About This Location

This location has been closed. It does not install Alco Alert Interlock devices.

Safe Driving Begins with an Interlock Device in San Jose

All around the country, people are getting into the cars and driving when they shouldn't. If you went out for a business lunch and had a glass of wine or two, or to a birthday party and downed a couple of tequilas while making a toast, it could mean your alcohol level is higher than it should be for safe driving. No one wants to drive under the influence, but it can easily happen without realizing it. You might make it to your destination safely, but then again, you might not. Or even worse, you could hurt someone unintentionally. That's where an interlock device comes into play. If it's installed in your car, or that of a family member, you can easily check the blood alcohol level with a puff into the device.

Driving Responsibly in San Jose

It makes no difference if you're just pulling into San Jose for a quick visit, to see the sites, to visit family or if you're a long time resident. All you have to do, as a responsible driver, is give us a call and install the interlock device in San Jose. We have a handy team of professionals who will take care of the installation services. They will explain how it all works to you and get you on the road to responsible driving. In our interlock installation point in San Jose, we'll take care of the process. So whether you're ordering the interlock device at your own initiative or maybe the court has ordered you to install one, we will take care of the details.

Getting Your Driver's License Back

If you or one of your children was stopped in San Jose for a DUI check, it could come up positive. If you're on your way back from a luncheon or an event where alcohol was served, you may have had more to drink than you realize. So what happens then? You'll probably fail the DUI check and wham, your license is confiscated. In this case, the court may insist that you order an interlock device for your car. But that's not such a bad thing! Because with the interlock device installed in your vehicle, you can prove to the court that you will not drive under the influence and that will help you retrieve your license.

A Simple Procedure

Once the ignition interlock device is installed, the procedure is simple. It only means that before your engine will start, you need to blow into the device. If there is no alcohol on your breath, you're good to go and your engine will start. However, if your alcohol level is too high it will not start. Once you begin driving, the interlock device will randomly ask you to recheck your levels. But of course you'll be forewarned. So go the safe route - get an interlock device in San Jose and enjoy your peace of mind!

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