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Alco Alert Ignition Interlock in San Francisco

General Information

City Car Radio

1665 Pacific Avenue
San Francisco CA 94109

(415) 549-9881

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BAR License - 77146
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03:52 04 Apr 18
AMAZING SERVICE!!! Was attended quickly upon arrival and great quote compared to other places in the area. Staff was very informative and friendly. Would definitely recommend this place to friends and family.
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About this location

Alco Alert Interlock Inc. operates at 1665 Pacific Ave, San Francisco CA, 94109. Our technicians install ignition interlock devices for the residents of San Francisco.

AlcoAlert Interlock Device San Francisco is at your service

San Francisco is a beautiful city in northern California. Located on a peninsula with the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay all around, it's a wonderful place to live or visit. With the colorful cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Fisherman's Wharf, there is something for everyone.

However, just like any other place in the US, driving under the influence of alcohol is forbidden and dangerous.If you plan to include alcohol in your visit, either install an interlock device in San Francisco or take advantage of the cable cars and bicycles to get around.

Protect Yourself and Your Family with an Interlock Device in San Francisco

You can prevent a tragedy from happening by enrolling in our ignition interlock services. With installation in your vehicle, the interlock device in San Francisco will prevent anyone who has been drinking alcohol to start the engine. The test is simple and easy. A quick puff into the ignition interlock device that is attached to the ignition switch reveals it all. If it's positive for alcohol then the ignition will be disabled. But if the puff comes back as negative for alcoholic substances, you're good to go!

Safe Driving Without Alcohol

Whether you've been ordered by the court or you want to enroll on your own decision, contact us for ignition interlock installation. We'll also help you with the paperwork that keeps track of the device's data. Then anyone who drives your car will be subject to the puff test, to determine if the driver has been drinking. If the breath sample is negative, the driver is good to go. However, the driver will need to pull the car over for random checks every 15 minutes to one hour. The driver will be notified ahead with plenty of time to spare before the check begins. Again, if the test shows no alcohol the driver can continue driving until the next random check.

Commercial Drivers

We also have a program for drivers of commercial vehicles, including tractors, trailers, buses and trains. You can even keep your insurance premiums to a minimum by installing an interlock device in San Francisco. Take the risk out of one of your drivers being involved in an alcohol-related incident by taking advantage of our ignition interlock services.

Court Mandated Ignition Interlock Services

If you've been convicted of DUI, there's a good chance your driver's license has been revoked. This probably goes hand-in-hand with a hefty fine and might even involve serving some jail time. Contact us for help today.
Whether your driver's license has been confiscated by the court or you're a loving parent who wants to protect your young drivers in San Francisco, we can help.

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