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Alco Alert Ignition Interlock in Oxnard

General Information

Mayer Automotive

560 Mountain View
Oxnard CA 93030

(800) 572-3984

Opening times
BAR License - ARD203955
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Kenny Xia
Kenny Xia
20:40 01 May 18
I appreciated the kind service. Very smooth and professional.
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About This Location

Alco Alert Interlock Inc. operates at 560 Mountain View Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030. Our technicians install ignition interlock devices for the residents of Oxnard.

Oxnard - an important transportation hub

Oxnard is not only the most populated city that lies within the Oxnard-Thousand Oaks Ventura area, but it is also in one of the nation's most wealthy regions. In fact, the residents earn well above the country's average income. And just think - when it was incorporated in 1903 it was in an agricultural center that produced lima beans and strawberries. Now, it's an important transportation hub and even has its own regional airport. In the middle of the 20th century, Oxnard developed outside the central city and the Channel Islands Harbor was built. In that same period of time, Martin V. Smith became known as a reputable developer. He built the Colonial House Restaurant and the Wagon Wheel Junction.

Keeping it safe with interlock device in Oxnard

Staying safe in Oxnard isn't as easy now as it was in the 19th century, but it can still be done. One of today's big dangers in Oxnard is driving on the roads! You don't know if there are drunk drivers on the same road as you or what they might do. Besides that, if you loan your car to young drivers, you want to be sure that they are safe as well. They might not understand the ramifications of drinking "spiked" punch at a party and then putting the key in the ignition to drive home. That's why we are recommending the ignition interlock device in Oxnard, so that you can rest assured that no one will drive your car under the influence.

Hard to judge

Let's say you joined a client or a friend at a business lunch. Ok, it might be usual to order a drink or two. Then after work your colleague invites you to join them for a toast. Before you realize it, your alcohol limit is too high and your judgment is impaired. But the odd thing about impaired judgment is that you don't realize it's been compromised by alcohol. That's the tricky part, because you feel like you'll be OK. You know you will be able to get home safely. Wrong. That is where the problem lies. With an ignition interlock in Oxnard properly installed in your car, it will make that decision for you, which could save not only your life but the lives of others.

Don't take a chance with DUI - order an ignition interlock system for your car today!

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