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Alco Alert Ignition Interlock in Jackson

General Information

Argonaut Automotive Service Center

12700 Kennedy Flat Rd
Jackson CA 95642

(209) 225-2099

Opening times
BAR License - ARD129601
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Boruch Eli Gralnik
Boruch Eli Gralnik
17:52 18 Apr 18
I’m the type of person who likes to ask questions and fully understand any product or service I’m getting. They were very thorough and patient, which I really appreciated. 5 stars!
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About This Location

Alco Alert Interlock Inc. operates at 12700 Kennedy Flat Rd, Jackson, CA 95642. Our technicians install ignition interlock devices for the residents of Jackson.

Avoiding DUI in Jackson

It's easier than people think to get stopped and charged with DUI. How often to you worry about those couple of shots after work with colleagues? Or the two glasses of wine you downed with your pasta at lunch? Without thinking, you probably just get in your car and drive home without giving a second thought to the fact that you are actually driving under the influence. You don't think about it until you get pulled over, that is. Then you're in deep trouble. Why put yourself and your family through that? Install an interlock device in your car and stay safe and out of jail!

Interlock Devices for Your Safety

When you install an interlock device in Jackson, you know you'll be safe because you won't be able to drive if you've been drinking. While inconvenient, it will keep you and those around you safe. Simply get into your car, breath into the tube attached to your interlock device and get immediate results. If you have too much alcohol in your system, the engine will go on lock down. You will not be able to start your car. On the other hand, if everything is cool and you are able to rev your engine and go, you'll still need to stop periodically to check again. But don't worry - you'll get a warning before you must pull over.

Getting Your LIcense Back

If you don't have the ignition interlock device installed and you get a ticket for DUI, they may very well take your driving license as well. If you have the interlock device installed, you will have a good chance of petitioning the court to return your license. The judge will be satisfied that you won't be able to drink and drive again.

Stay safe with the interlock device in Jackson CA!

About Jackson, California

The motto of Jackson, "Preserving our past, enriching our present, building our future," is an apt description of Jackson's history and present day lifestyle. The first residents of the region were Northern Sierra Indians. They made their dwellings along the edges of creeks and in the spring areas. In 1848 Jackson was established and it was settled by American pioneers. Of course they were looking for gold in the foothills of Sierra. By 1850 the city had grown to 1,500 residents and was a popular watering hole for cattle. The courthouse and the Hall of Records were combined and given an Art Deco exterior in 1939.

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