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Alco Alert Ignition Interlock in Gardena

General Information

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1610 W Artesia Blvd Unit A #8
Gardena CA 90248

(310) 872-1692

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BEAR License - 87574
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About This Location

Alco Alert Interlock Inc. operates at 1610 W Artesia Blvd Unit A #8, Gardena, CA 90248. The technicians install ignition interlock devices for the residents of Gardena.

Avoiding DUI with an Ignition Interlock in Gardena

No one wants to be caught driving under the influence, so the best way to not get caught is to not do it! With an ignition interlock in Gardena, you won't be able to drive your car if you have been drinking. As a matter of fact, no one will be able to! That's because of the way the interlock device in Gardena works. After being professionally installed inside your car, all drivers will be subject to the same test before starting to drive. They will need to blow into the tube attached to the interlock device. The device will test the breath for alcohol levels. Hopefully, there won't be any, but if there is, the car will be locked. Turning the key won't help, because it won't start. This is how you will avoid driving under the influence.

Driving WIthout Alcohol

If the test says you're good to go, you can turn the key and the engine will start. Drive as you please, but know ahead of time that the ignition interlock in Gardena will notify you periodically that it's time to recheck your breath. This is to make sure that alcohol isn't being passed around to the driver while driving. With this unit installed, you won't have to worry about getting pulled over for DUI! Let the interlock device in Gardena decide if it's safe for you to drive. Or not.

Staying Safe on the Road

In most cases, the driver does not intend to drive under the influence of alcohol, but it can easily happen without realizing it. Think about the going away celebration you had after work for a colleague who was leaving the company. Were there drinks involved? Was the punch spiked? Or did you go out to dinner and have split a bottle of wine with your partner? Without realizing it, you can easily be in a situation where you are not competent to drive. But once you have alcohol in your system, it's very difficult to be the judge of that. That's the beauty of the ignition interlock in Gardena.

Keep Your Kids Safe

Remember that when you put this added layer of protection on your car to prevent DUI, it applies to everyone who drives it. That includes teenage children or those who are just learning to drive. WIth the ignition interlock device in Gardena, you are being responsible.

Call Now (310) 872-1692 and install an interlock device in your car.

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