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How to transfer my ignition interlock device to another vehicle?

If you are no longer able to use the vehicle that has your ignition interlock device installed, you will need a solution fast. This is something that can happen to anyone. It may have happened to you because your car broke down, was in an accident or needed to be sold for a new or more modest model.

If you are required to use an interlock device, it may not be legal for you to use any vehicle that doesn’t have your registered interlock device in it. To stay within the confines of the law, you must transfer the device from the old vehicle to the one that you will be using before you are allowed to operate it.

Fortunately, this is a perfectly legal practice, and easy to do when you follow the steps below.


Contact the Your ignition interlock provider

First, contact your ignition interlock provider either by phone or online. In most cases, you will need to inform them that you plan to change the registered vehicle before you can complete any additional steps. Your provider may have specific instructions that you need to follow or documents that you need to submit in order to be compliant with the court order.


Prepare written confirmation from the owner if you don’t own the new vehicle

If you are transferring your device to a vehicle that isn’t in your name (for example, if your car breaks down and you need to use a relative’s car), you will need proof that the registered owner has consented. Get it in writing so that you can bring it with you or send it to anyone who requests proof of the agreement.


Inform the DMV

The DMV is responsible for enforcing some of the terms of DUI convictions. They must be made aware if you are no longer driving the vehicle that is registered in your name. You can try calling them to update your status, but you may be required to make an in-person visit in order to provide your ID and other documents.


Prepare the amount for any necessary fees

In most cases, you will need to pay a fee in order to transfer your ignition interlock device from one vehicle to another. Make sure you’re ready with enough money to cover the fee before you take your vehicles to the installer. You can call the installer to find out the fee in advance.


Bring both vehicles to a licensed installer

When you have completed all of the previous steps, you are ready to bring your vehicles to a licensed installer. You may not have a choice of which installer you use. If your provider tells you to use a certain auto shop or location, make sure you follow their instructions. It may be necessary to tow the old vehicle to get it to the location, but this is an expense you must bear unless you want to pay the cost of a new device.


Repeat the Calibration Steps

Make sure you properly calibrate your device when it’s installed in the new vehicle. Refer to the manual or the instructions given to you by the provider.


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