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Court & DMV ordered programs

As you probably already know, there are no simple answers to DUI questions. Feel free to call our customer service specialists at anytime to get a one on one review of your exact circumstances. There are many influencing factors such as previous offenses, injuries etc. The below are general questions and the most common answers, which may not appy to your circimstances. You can also visit the court where you appeared, or the applicable agencies in your state for further information.

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I got a DUI, do I lose my license no matter what?
There are two types of license suspension in California. An administrative suspension comes from the DMV. Occurs, if, when you are arrested, your blood alcohol is .08% (.01% if you are under 21). Your license is taken and you are give a 30 day temporary license so that you can take care of business while you await your trial. In addition to the administrative suspension, you may also incur a license suspension from the court where your DUI was tried or plead. A DUI defendant can have an interlock device mandated by the DMV, the Courts, or both. The term of installation may or may not be the same. Our specialists can explain everything!

How do I get my license back?
In most cases, at the time of arrest, or shortly after, you should receive an Order of Suspension. This should include a temporary license that is valid for 30 days. At 30 days, your suspension begins; do not continue to drive!! In some instances, your license can be suspended immediately upon arrest however, so be sure to read all the paperwork you are getting.

Upon suspension of your license, you will need to enroll in an appropriate, approved, DUI Program. You need to ask the provider to file a Proof of Enrollment Certificate on your behalf. This DL-107 form is typically submitted to the DMV electronically.

You will also need to obtain proof of financial responsibility, usually in the form of an SR-22, which is a special type of car insurance liability coverage.

There are of course fees and fines along the way, be sure to talk to the DMV and the courts and make sure you clearly understand all of your requirements.

If you are required to install an ignition interlock device, contact us and we will contact the DMV on your behalf to see what your next steps and the date you are eligible to have your device installed.

Once we give you your date, book an appointment for installation. AlcoAlert handles all the paperwork for the IID, but know that we have to ask a lot of questions. We know you are tired of telling your story, but please be patient; it’s the first time we have heard it!

Once the device is installed our technician will supply you with your DMV paperwork. You must take this to a DMV office and pay a fee! This is a very important step! Your clock doesn’t start ticking until they receive your fee and forms. Unfortunately, you must do this step yourself, AlcoAlert is NOT allowed to submit these forms on your behalf!

Once you receive your restricted license, you will need to return to an AlcoAlert service center every other month to have your device calibrated. This is part of you obligation to maintain your license. Your device will remind you of the deadline. If you would like us to text or email you reminders, be sure to tell our specialists during the enrollment process!

It is very important that you understand that having anyone remove the device without the proper paperwork will result in a suspension. If you are buying a new car, having repairs to the vehicle, can’t pay your bills on time, your vehicle is involved in an accident or becomes inoperable, or you decide to remove the device, or skip calibration appointments, for ANY reason, it is in your best interest to contact our corporate office immediately. If you notify us of any of these things, we can often help you remain in compliance. However, if you arbitrarily remove the device before you are eligible and do not have the proper paperwork, there will be nothing we can do to help you, even if it was simply a mistake on your behalf. There are very strict rules in place about the unauthorized removal of these devices and we have no way of undoing it.

Are interlock devices easy to use?
Once you get used to it, it’s a breeze. Our friendly technicians will train you to use the device the day of installation. If you have questions, just call our toll free number. You can also watch the training videos online in English or Spanish. We highly recomend you watch at least the quick start video before your appointment.

How does the device work?
The Ignition Interlock Device (IID) attaches to the ignition system of your car and requires the driver to provide a breath sample. If the breath sample passes (below a pre-determined level allowed by the state), the vehicle starts and you are on your way! A failed breath test results in the vehicle being unable to start.

Once the vehicle is started, the IID periodically requires the user to submit to random-rolling-retests at intervals ranging from 5-30 minutes after starting the vehicle and each 15-60 minutes thereafter, depending on applicable state law(s). The driver is notified that a retest is required by audible and/or visual cues, so the user may remain attentive to driving the vehicle with minimal distraction. It’s important to keep your handset where you can see and hear it and easily reach it in order to take the continued tests. Failure to take the random tests while driving will result in violations and additional fees.

I like my device, can I keep it once my program participation is over?
Of course! Call one of our customer service specialists and they can work out the details for you. There are no additional fees required and you can come in as little as every 90 days.

What is the Voluntary Program?
Sometimes, you don’t have to be told to do something to know that it’s the right thing for you or your family. If you are interested in getting an interlock device on one or more of your personal vehicles, just call us and we can go over all the details. We may require a minimum participation time in order to accommodate you. We offer discouts for multiple vehicles as well. This is a great idea for shared vehicles, teenage drivers, the nanny’s car etc.

What are the fleet programs?
If you are interested in possibly reducing insurance premiums, protecting your assets, employees and company reputation, please call us regarding a customized solution for your fleet vehicles. Including multi user units, GPS tracking as well as front and rear facing dash cameras.

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