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DMV & Court Mandated Ignition Interlock

There is a way to get your license back – Install an interlock device

In most cases, when you get DMV & court-mandated ignition interlock, do these 4 things ASAP.

  1. Enroll in an approved DUI program
  2. Secure SR-22 “proof of insurance”
  3. Install an Ignition Interlock device
  4. Get a plan and resolve not to do this again

Our local agents will explain the process and put you in the lowest total cost program available. We do all the paperwork, saving you hours of tedious communications.

Find an interlock device installation near you

By using our interlock device installation locator, you can find the nearest one to you. Once you found it, give us a call, get all the details you need and schedule an installation. The technicians in the service centers will help you get the interlock device installed in no time. Alco Alert Interlock has a wide chain of service centers across California, so it shouldn’t be a problem finding an installation center near your house or office. Give us a call now at (888)-663-9847 and get all the information you need.