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Can Someone Else Drive my Car if it has an Interlock Device?

Interlock devices have become far more common in recent years. They’re popular among people who have been convicted of DUI offenses, and there are even some people who install them voluntarily to avoid the possibility of a DUI charge while dealing with alcoholism as an illness.

The rapid spread of these devices has resulted in some misunderstandings, especially about the rules regarding how and by whom the vehicles can be operated. Many users have asked: “can someone drive my car if it has an interlock device installed”?

In most cases, the answer is “yes”. However, when it comes to letting someone else drive your car, there are mistakes you can make that can seriously threaten your participation in a program. For your safety, you should make sure you follow these rules…

Anyone who uses Your Vehicle must use the Breathalyzer

If you are required by law to use the breathalyzer, then your car will not start until a test has been taken. This means it doesn’t matter who is using the vehicle. They will have to take the test before they can operate it.

You will need to train anyone who will be using your vehicle to use the breathalyzer correctly if you want to avoid lockouts. You can be held responsible for any failed tests that happen because of misuse, even if you were not the person who failed.

Many interlock devices require the driver to take periodic tests. You should warn anyone who uses your vehicle that they may not simply ignore these tests. If a certain number of tests are refused, the device may go into lockout mode and prevent the car from being started again until it has been serviced.

Anyone who is Unable to take a Test should not Drive Your Vehicle

There are medical conditions that can make it difficult for people to properly take a breathalyzer test. People who have lung or coughing issues that keep them from being able to take deep breaths may not be able to give a proper reading. Unfortunately, this means that they are likely to fail tests and cause your vehicle to lock out if they are allowed to drive it.

You Should keep Records of who used Your Vehicle and When

It is wise to keep good records of the people who are using your vehicle. People who are unfamiliar with the device may cause lockouts, and you can never be sure that people who have your permission to use the car won’t attempt to drive drunk.

While most states will hold you responsible for any failed tests, you may still be able to use your evidence for relief in some cases.

Never Allow Someone to Blow into the Device For You so that You Can Drive the Car

While it is legal for someone to use the car, it is never legal for someone to take the test so that you can operate the vehicle. If the breathalyzer system is not responding to you for reasons other than alcohol intake, you must take it in for servicing.

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