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AlcoAlert Ignition Interlock Device Torrance

General Information

1719 Abalone Ave Unite #403
Torrance CA 90501

(424) 358-3101

Opening times
Bar License - ARD281353
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About This Location

AlcoAlert Interlock has signed a collaboration agreement with Interlock Services of So Cal for providing ignition interlock devices in Torrance. If you live in Torrance and you need ignition interlock device installation, stop by 1719 Abalone Ave. Unit #403 and get it done quickly and professionally.

Safe and Responsible Driving

Living in Torrance, California has a lot of advantages. There's the beautiful sunshine, 1.5 miles of gorgeous beaches to enjoy and all within a close proximity to Los Angeles. Residents and visitors alike can attend festivals, go to concerts, hang out in one of the numerous city parks or hit the shopping malls. At AlcoAlert we have just the device that will help keep you, your loved ones, other passengers in your car and innocent bystanders safe. The interlock device in Torrance helps determine if a driver is eligible to get behind the wheel based on a simple test.

Preventing Collisions Due to DUI

It's easy to know if a driver is safe to operate any sort of vehicle by checking alcohol levels before starting up the engine. It makes no difference if the vehicle is a tractor, a bus, a trailer or a train. This is even more important if the driver is carrying high-risk cargo. But even if it's only a single driver in a private car, the system works the same. When the interlock device in Torrance is installed, the engine can only be started if the potential driver gets a positive reading. By means of blowing into a small tube, the device accurately checks for alcohol. If there is no alcohol, then the driver can turn over the engine and hit the road. However, if the test reads positive, the driver will not be able to start the engine. In this way, drivers who are under alcoholic influence will be prohibited from driving.

Ideal Uses for the Interlock Device

Some people don't have a choice in the matter. If they've been stopped for DUI and found guilty by a court of law, they may have been ordered to install the ignition interlock device in their vehicle. Other people who depend on this device are parents of teenage children. If a young adult goes out partying and shouldn't get behind the wheel, this device will prevent just that.

Retrieving Your Drivers Licence

It may be too late for you, your spouse or one of your teenage children. If they were already stopped and been charged with DUI, they probably had their driver's license confiscated by the court. This is where you might be able to help them get it back. If you order the ignition interlock device, call us and we'll come out and install it for you as quickly as possible. Then the person can try to get the license back by explaining to the court that the car now has the ignition interlock system. In this way, the court understands that the car cannot be driven if the driver has been drinking. In this way, the court might be convinced to return the license to the driver.

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