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We'll get you back on the road
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AlcoAlert Ignition Interlock Device Hayward

General Information

22008 Meekland Ave.
Hayward CA 94541

(510) 244-4183

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Bar License - ARD208861
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About This Location

AlcoAlert Interlock Devices has signed a collaboration agreement with Rainbow Auto Center for providing ignition interlock devices in Hayward. If you live in Hayward and you need ignition interlock device installation, stop by 22008 Meekland and get it done quickly and professionally.

Getting an Interlock Device in Hayward

Living in Hayward has many advantages, including its close proximity to San Francisco. Of all the cities located in the Bay Area, it's the sixth largest. There are loads of attractions and interesting sites for residents and visitors to the area. You can enjoy Kennedy Park or Garin Regional Park or taste some delicious dishes at the Hayward Zucchini Festival. If you're in the city on business, you'll be glad to know that Silicon Valley is just a short hop onto the Hayward / San Mateo Bridge.

Playing it Safe and Driving Responsibly in Hayward

It makes no difference if you live in Hayward or if you're just visiting on business for pleasure. You will want to make sure that whoever is driving your car has not been drinking. If your important business luncheon included a drink or two, or if you washed down your burger with a beer, you need to check your alcohol levels before putting a foot to the pedal. That's where an interlock device in Hayward comes into play. Enroll with our ignition interlock services and install an interlock device in Hayward today. Don't take chances with your life or the lives of others by drinking and driving. Added benefits of an interlock device in Hayward can be improved insurance rates. Installation can also help convince the court to return your driver's license.

Protecting Young Drivers

Parents typically worry about their young drivers who have taken the family car out for a night on the town. Hopefully there is a delegated driver who has not been drinking who can drive the youngsters home at the end of the evening. But whoever drives can check their own alcohol levels by giving a quick puff into the ignition interlock device. If the test shows no traces of alcohol, the driver will know it's safe to start up the engine. But if there is alcohol, the engine will not start. This protects the driver, everyone in the car and innocent bystanders from the dangers of a driver under the influence of alcohol.

Safe Driving Without Alcohol

Even after passing the puff test for alcohol, the checks do not stop there. Who knows if someone in the car will pull out a 6-pack or grab the bottle that was well hidden under the seat? Just to be sure that the person driving your car has not been drinking, there will be random roll checks along the way. What will happen is that while driving, the driver will receive a random notification from the ignition interlock system that another breath test will be required. These can happen anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes. The driver will have plenty of warning to pull the car over to the side of the road, turn the engine off and take another alcohol check.

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